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Timishort Film Festival

It has been a great pleasure to build the trophies for TimiShort Film Festival ( working with the team from Electronic Resistance.




3D Printing Show in London 2014

A few pictures and thoughts from London’s 3D printing show in the beginning of September this year. A demonstration of technology and innovation with applicability in many domains, 3D printing is shyly getting exposed within Europe though, at least through this show’s experience. Have expected to see the big names exposing their latest technology and equipment but seen most of the small or individual producers of more like hobby platforms. Some applications in food industry (sweets) have attracted a lot of people at lunch time…
Good experience though, contacts made and seen a few business models within exhibitors.

sweets printer IMG_20140904_130017 IMG_20140904_125923 IMG_20140904_125815 IMG_20140904_114853 IMG_20140904_114448